Price : Rp. 300,000,-

We introduced the Bar Fly mounting system and revolutionized the perception of how a cycling computer should be attached to a bicycle. This perception has created a shift in thinking and with it we have seen the demand expose many different needs of athletes and recreational cyclists. At Tate Labs we’ve always envisioned one mount that would function flawlessly to serve the needs of multiple user groups. The introduction of the Bar Fly 1.1 enables an interface for each of those user groups whether they are recreationalist, mountain bikers, road cyclist, triathletes, or cycle-cross riders. You could say we were interested in versatility, but truth be told, we’re more interested in simplicity and functionality.

At the heart of the Bar Fly 1.1 is 1/8th turn technology and it’s the center point of our new mounting system. The 1/8th turn mechanism is a patent pending positive engagement system that enables cross compatibility with all Garmin Edge series cycling computers, and the Garmin Forerunner 910 XT and 310 XT watches. With Bar Fly 1.1 transitioning between multiple computers from dirt to pavement and run to bike has never been this easy. Stay centered on all your bikes with Bar Fly 1.1.

Made in the USA out of Delrin with no screws to lose, Bar Fly 1.1 is the only mount that positions all of your Garmin devices directly in the center of the handlebar in a safe and aesthetic viewing position.

For use on 31.8 mm diameter Handlebars.

Bar Fly 1.1 is compatible with the following Garmin computers:

Forerunner 910 XT and 310 XT watches*
All Edge series cycling computers, including the requires the use of the Garmin Forerunner Quick Release Kit sold separately.